AW: Need advice with Lion permission changes

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Tue Aug 2 08:02:19 EDT 2011

Hi Sean, (it is your first name - right?)

thanks for your quick response.
I have read your previous post about this, but it is still not clear for me,
or I misinterpret it. In the apple restrictions posted below, all write
accessible paths begin with "~", what means for me it's the users path. And
at the end you are pointing to /Library/Application
Support/<app-identifier>, what means for me it’s a common path. This would
be, what I am looking for, but as I read apples guidline, its forbidden, see
Where am I wrong?

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> As previously mentioned:
> • /Library (Mac OS X only)—Applications that share resources between
> users store those resources in this version of the Library directory.
> Sandboxed application are not permitted to use this directory.
> "Sandboxed applications" are apps from the Mac App store.. If the end
> user is downloading from your site then you can use that directory..
> If you are going through the Mac App store you can use the following
> info:
> Your application must adhere to the following requirements:
> • You may use Apple frameworks such as User Defaults, Calendar Store,
> and Address Book that implicitly write to files in specific locations,
> including locations is not allowed to access directly.
> • Your application may write to temporary paths that you acquire using
> the appropriate Apple programming interfaces.
> • Your application may write to the following directories:
> 	• ~/Library/Application Support/<app-identifier>
> 	• ~/Library/<app-identifier>
> 	• ~/Library/Caches/<app-identifier>
> where <app-identifier> is your application's bundle identifier, its
> name, or your company’s name. This must exactly match what is in
> iTunes Connect for the application.
> So it looks like you should move your shared files from /Library/
> Preferences to /Library/Application Support/<app-identifier>
> regardless if you are using the Mac App store or direct downloads..
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