Need advice with Lion permission changes

Shao Sean shaosean at
Tue Aug 2 05:23:29 EDT 2011

As previously mentioned:

• /Library (Mac OS X only)—Applications that share resources between  
users store those resources in this version of the Library directory.  
Sandboxed application are not permitted to use this directory.

"Sandboxed applications" are apps from the Mac App store.. If the end  
user is downloading from your site then you can use that directory..

If you are going through the Mac App store you can use the following  

Your application must adhere to the following requirements:
• You may use Apple frameworks such as User Defaults, Calendar Store,  
and Address Book that implicitly write to files in specific locations,  
including locations is not allowed to access directly.
• Your application may write to temporary paths that you acquire using  
the appropriate Apple programming interfaces.
• Your application may write to the following directories:
	• ~/Library/Application Support/<app-identifier>
	• ~/Library/<app-identifier>
	• ~/Library/Caches/<app-identifier>
where <app-identifier> is your application's bundle identifier, its  
name, or your company’s name. This must exactly match what is in  
iTunes Connect for the application.

So it looks like you should move your shared files from /Library/ 
Preferences to /Library/Application Support/<app-identifier>  
regardless if you are using the Mac App store or direct downloads..

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