setting bordercolor of images in group

Klaus on-rev klaus at
Tue Apr 19 08:48:26 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I am sure I am missing somehting, but don't know waht!?

1. I have some grouped images with showborder = true
2. I set the bordercolor of the group to grey.
Setting the bodercolor of the images themselves does not work!!!???
3. Now I wanted to change the bordercolor "on dragenter"
4. Can't get this to work :-/

I tried:
on dragenter
 set the bordercolor of the target to 255,255,102
end dragenter

Which should work, I think, but doesn't!?

on dragleave
 set the bordercolor of the target to empty
end dragleave

But the bordercolor does not change.
No back/front or whatever scripts involved

Clueless, what am I missing?

Thanks in advance!



Klaus Major
klaus at
Klaus Major
klaus at

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