currentTimeChanged and player callbacks bug?

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Mon Apr 11 00:34:56 EDT 2011

Hi again.

My (video) player object's callbacks consists of 297 lines. Every line
has the same command but a different index number. When called to, the
player object uses that index number to retrieve and display a line of

Now, to allow use of the player's control bar to skip forward or back
thru text lines, the player object also includes a currentTimeChanged
handler. This way, the current line of text gets displayed as soon as
the video control bar is released, rather than having to restart the
video to initiate a callback value.

Here's the problem. If the video controller thumb is slid >>back<< in
time, when "play" is clicked the correct callback will get immediately
triggered. However, if the thumb is slid >>forward<< in time, it
appears that LC is running thru every callback between the time when
the control bar was clicked and the time when it is released.

I say "appears", because I can see the text-field that displays the
current line of text changing madly. So, I guess the lag is related to
the text having to be redrawn on-screen.

But, I do not understand why the player object doesn't automatically
jump to the current callback when the currentTimeChanged happens? It
seems to be doing so when moving back in time. Just not when moving
forward in time.

Hope that was less confusing to read than it was to type.


Nicolas Cueto

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