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> That's an interesting benchmark, I wish I had a couple of $60K to $75K
> server boxes handy so we could see how Valentina would do. We've always
> emphasized what can be done with modest hardware specs.

:-)  as I like say 

You want to get MAC or PC 100 times faster today, but not 10 years later?
Use Valentina DB today.  :-)

Btw, THIRD revolution (or evolution :) which goes last times - is using of
multi-core. We also have start do steps in this directions. For example, in
the next 4.8 version of Valentina, sorting will be able to use N cores of
your computers. Of course it is used for big selections > 4K items.

This gives x2-x6 speed up for sorting on regular desktops comparing to
Valentina 4.7

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