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>    Oracle, Sybase, and Informix each have a similar clause. These
>    clauses are generically referred to as "DeWitt clauses." David
>    DeWitt was one of the founders of the Wisconsin Benchmarks,
>    which were first published in the mid-1980s. At that time, the
>    Wisconsin Benchmarks published less-than-favorable scores for an
>    Oracle database, and Oracle wasn't happy with the negative
>    publicity. Oracle added a clause to its license agreement
>    forbidding unauthorized benchmarking, and most other vendors
>    followed suit.
>    ...
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> tpc.aspx>

Indeed, very interesting - this came onto my radar when it was reported that
one of the companies sued someone for doing a comparision of the "big iron"

Oracle, IBM and MS are big money players with massive legal departments and
super huge budgets for their products. You'd think they'd simply kill off
smaller companies, leaving only themselves and open source databases. But
the only ones really killed off are those that do not have any really
differentiating value. For us, I think half of the picture is performance,
the other half is platform and extended value support.

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