Stress-testing SQLite

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Sat Oct 30 02:13:32 EDT 2010

many of the data stores for the major apple apps use sqlite. it's a petty robust single user data store. 
kee nethery

On Oct 29, 2010, at 5:32 PM, Mark Stuart wrote:

> on Fri Oct 29 19:17:40 CDT 2010, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences with large data sets if 
> SQLite.
> <<
> Hi Richard,
> How many tables and how many columns per table (on average) are you
> talking about?
> That can make a big difference to the performance if there are JOINS
> involved.
> If not, then that's not so much a problem.
> Will the user always apply a WHERE filter to the data?
> What's the potential return record set count on a typical filter?
> I'd be happy to do some stress testing if you can give me some details.
> Regards,
> Mark Stuart
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