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Pierre Sahores psahores at free.fr
Sat Oct 23 16:10:05 EDT 2010

Hello Kay,

> Hi All, I've got 3 sec spare to throw out a question and then I got to get
> back to work - I think Pierre is the one to answer this one.
> I've got my postgreSQL db all sorted out on on-rev, and can happily access
> it via irev (thanks Sarah and Andre for your online examples). My problem is
> I can't access the db with another user, only my primary on-rev login ID and
> password. I created a new user using cPanel, when I log in via phpPgAdmin
> (using my on-rev details) and check Privileges the new User is listed, but
> when I swap the new user details into my iRev script it fails to work.

You just have to add the new pg user you created as able to act as a privileged user of both your tables and their sequences. To do this, just pick the privilege tab of the cPanel for each component (tables and sequences), select your pg user in the top list and pick the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE checkboxes and save the new granted rights.

After this, all will just run fine and as expected.
> What have I done wrong?
> Also, how do I login using phpPgAdmin using the new user. Currently when I
> click on phpPgAdmin in cPanel it automatically logs me in using my primary
> account, I don't see anywhere where I can specify using a different user
> account.

You don't have to care about this as long as you follow the previous steps. I don't think it's possible, at least with the actual cPanel config., and i connect, for my own, the phpPgAdmin in letting it authenticate me with the on-rev account owner credentials. No problem to expect, in about the security of your online apps as long as they are only available to you .irev scripts with the pg user granted rights only (witch will be the case in fact and in practice).
> Any advise hugely appreciated - and if I don't respond for a couple of days
> please realise that there is still a few drops of blood left in this stone
> that my employer has yet to wring out :-(


Kind regards,

> Oh, shhh, the boss is coming...
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