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Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at proactive-intl.com
Sat Oct 23 13:43:48 EDT 2010

> > I believe Steve's last 'will spell the end of Apple' 
> decision was made 
> > about 30 April when Apple stock was around $261.09.
> Apple's stock price <> third-party developer revenue.
> As a shareholder, I think moving 30% of the Mac world's 
> software revenue into their own pocket is one of the most 
> brilliant business moves in the company's history.
> For Apple.
> For developers it's a bit different.

I think as a quarter-by-quarter plan, it is brilliant. But my limited
experience tells me that there is a tendency in our industry for new or old
parties to come up with game changers that shift the balance of power (or
balance of market share).

I am certain that the gnomes of Apple have mapped out every possible revenue
stream that is associated with Apple related products or spheres of
influence, and after moving to own the ones that are critical to
quarter-to-quarter share value, they have moved, step by step, to own and
control the others. That's what Thoughts on Flash was all about.

As Apple gains control of these areas, third parties either reconfigure or
abandon the platform. The borders expand as previous partners either are
absorbed or give way to an Apple offering.

But then, when one of those game changers comes along, Apple is at both its
strongest and weakest. I am not discounting their consumer focus, which is
brilliant. The success in those markets was achieved through making
compeling products AND taking ownership of the customer relationship by
opening Apple Stores, launching the online Apple store that matches any
source in terms of price. For Apple, ownership of the customer relationship
is of critical importance - but if you play in the Mac App Store, that's
exactly what you are giving up to them.

Begin theme music from "The Lord of the Rings" :-)

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