Tab Panel - how to change the hilited selection?

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Fri Oct 22 15:46:17 EDT 2010

On 10/22/10 12:12 PM, Kee Nethery wrote:
> Thanks Andre, but ...

I know you've figured this out now, but just wanted to add a couple 
things. If you click on the tab button, you shouldn't need to set the 
selected tab at all, it should be automatic. The only time you'd need to 
script the menuhistory is if you want to do it remotely for some reason. 
For example, I have a stack that contains two different tab button 
backgrounds. One tab navigates to the other background. Because the tab 
button on the second background isn't the same one that was clicked in 
the first background, I need to script the selected tab when navigating 

When scripting it, be sure to lock messages, set the menuhistory, and 
then unlock messages. If you don't lock messages you can get into an 
infinite loop in some cases.

For looking up info on tabbed buttons: the button is a type of menu 
button. There is brief documentation in the dictionary under the 
menuhistory entry, but I agree it isn't much.

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