External newbie question

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at mines-paristech.fr
Thu Oct 21 17:01:26 EDT 2010

I have download the latest (v3?) externals lesson from runrev, and after having installed the iPhone dev toolkit (which included XCode), I have compiled the *solution* provided by runrev (op. sys. was Leopard). Everything worked fine, the stack was launched, but the external could not be called from script. This was with revStudio v. 4.0. There has been a thread on the list about plugins location. Could this be related? Do I have to put the external's stack in a special place?

I have another question (which is unrelated but also concerns externals). There is a huge library of fortran sources at netlib http://www.netlib.org/ that is devoted to scientific computation. In theory, it is possible to put a fortran compiler into XCode, but as far I know, the parameters are not handled the same way in C and in Fortran (refetrence v.s. value). Can we get around this by using the @ keyword in the transcript calling code?

Thanks in advance for your kind answers.


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