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Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at proactive-intl.com
Thu Oct 21 16:50:08 EDT 2010

> Maybe I have missed something, but is anyone saying that this 
> will be the ONLY WAY to get apps for Mac? How are they going 
> to pull that off?? They would have to abolish all I/O ports 
> for drives, usb devices and cd/dvd drives. Is this really 
> where we think Apple is going to go? 
> I rather see this as a way that developers will be able to 
> deliver apps made for devices like the iPad to the desktop 
> too. Not a way for Apple to try to force everyone to sell 
> apps through the iStore, which of course everyone can see 
> would kill Apple development of enterprise apps. 

I don't want to polute people with more than they want to read, but Ive
posted my initial feelings here:


The Mac App Store is a dangerous unknown. Apple doesn't have to rush
eliminate other alternatives, but instead let the weight of presence in the
OS and the direction of user opinion (like we saw with the Thoughts on Flash
debaucle) move it step by step to an exclusive model and ownership of your
customer relations. Maybe that's not the goal, but the Mac App Store is just
the sort of tool you could use to accomplish that.

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