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Len Morgan len-morgan at crcom.net
Tue Oct 19 07:56:13 EDT 2010

  This is all a moot point now since I have just been informed by 
Heather that the only way the on-rev server can be set up to do this is 
if you give them all of the IP addresses that people are going to 
connect from and they will allow those IP addresses to connect.  This of 
course will never work with a large potential user base of hundreds or 
thousands.  I guess I'm going to have to throw away everything I've done 
so far and start over with the web based approach that Pierre 
suggested.  It's going to kill my performance but it's the only option 
I've got open to me at this point.

len morgan

On 10/19/2010 2:27 AM, Pierre Sahores wrote:
> Le 18 oct. 2010 à 20:41, Andrew Kluthe a écrit :
>> The client never actually gets the login credentials for the database
>> because they are stored in our private "big" client DB. On startup the rev
>> program fetches the credentials from our database and connects to theirs to
>> begin working with it.
> Definitively the way to go !
>> I would hate to have to rewrite my entire suite of programs to center around
>> an irev script for the transactions. I would love to use On-Rev as a
>> database host because of how close it is to where I am located and the power
>> of revServer.
> If you prefer, you can do this in having your client (web browser or LiveCode ria app) posting their credentials to a PHP script indeed but in any case you will have to be sure that the server-side script will respond to the clients requests and interact with the db-backend only when each client will have been authenticated as allowed to interact with its own account on your on-line app.
> If most of your customers are, alike mine, using dynamic IP to connect the cloud and subsequently your or mine on-line apps, an IP-based authentication system will not be usable nor safe at all in such a context.
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