[ANN] Data Grid Helper moves your columns

zryip theSlug zryip.theslug at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 18:06:51 EDT 2010

Dear List,

Data Grid Helper version 1.1 is available!

What we have for you in this new version?

- You have always dreamed to reorder columns the way you want in a
datagrid? Stop dreaming, because it's here in DGH.
You can now reorder the columns of any datagrid table with a ready to
use script. And you can customize the installed script for your
personal use.
- A new option is available in the parameters. We can now check in a
snap the sort direction of each column in the column builder preview
- We have improved the ready to use script for reordering lines.
- We have now a tooltip to explain why the install script button is disabled.
- For a specific need, you have to change one of the properties of the
datagrid by script? Let's DGH helping you. By clicking with the alt
modifier on the name of a property in DGH, you will send the required
syntax in the clipboard. Available for datagrids and columns

This new version is available with the DGH's updater or if you have
not already tried DGH, you can download the trial version here:

(The new reorder column capability is only available in the registered version)

Best regards,
-Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)

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