Franklin Audio Intro Pricing Ends Soon; New Testable Too!

Ruslan Zasukhin ruslan_zasukhin at
Mon Oct 18 15:55:51 EDT 2010

On 10/18/10 7:15 PM, "Bob Sneidar" <bobs at> wrote:

> Hi Lynn. 
> Well after digging in, I found there were two folders that contained the test
> stack. I has assumed that the installer would simply overwrite the initial
> files and everything would be updated. I get gunshots now and all seems to be
> working as advertised.

Ok Bob,

Thanks for this info.

Let me underline, we have remove that second example with buttons,
Because we have found that its C++ original  have the same glitches on XP.

Most probably this C++ example do something wrong.
So we have use another example to show multi-channel work.

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