Franklin Audio Intro Pricing Ends Soon; New Testable Too!

Robert Mann rman at
Mon Oct 18 09:40:47 EDT 2010

Thanks I had a look at the openAL site. 

First glance it looks a little bit like getting the rolls royce before the
bycicle.. ! 

I Understand the interest of 3D audio in the context of games. Now the
question of format is an important usability issue for two reasons :

1) shall I have to re encode in what? and with what program?
2) can a stack offer some recording function to the user together with a
light storage format like mp3 or ogg?
(how fat will a stack with openAL sound be?)

And I have not found that info so far in the openAL site!

The two major problems I have faced with audio in rev are :
-- size : the standard audio sound in rev is uncompressed
-- basic editing : trimming, merging which are non existent (except the
trick to change the audio level while playing to achieve a kind of soft
mixed transition impression)

Turnarounds so far is : use video format without images + trevor's enhanced
quicktime library for editing, + lame for transcoding the result into mp3,
and play as video in the end. That works on mac, perhaps more chaotic in PC
windows and not on linux.. but requires installation of  lame in the OS,
which is not so great to distribute a stack.

So that is where my needs are regarding an audio library
- record in wave is ok
- edit, trim, merge : ?? 
- transcode into mp3 : ??
- play in loops and possibly in parallel which openAL seems to do well!

and I guess I'm not the only one around!

So it would be great if the Franklin demo stack of the openAL wrap showed a
full cycle from recording to outputting. Possible?

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