RevBrowser - setting the title in a custom browser

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Thu Oct 14 14:52:12 EDT 2010

One thing that might help is that you don't need to parse the htmltext for
the title, its already a property.


So something simple like this in the card script works ok.
on browserdocumentcomplete pInstanceId, pUrl
   put revBrowserGet(pInstanceId,"title") into WhereverYouWantIt
end browserDocumentComplete

I did notice the lag you spoke of when going to pages with heavy graphics
and the like but am not sure there's really a way around it. I don't believe
the htmltext or title properties are set until the document load is
complete, but I could be wrong and often am!

On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 10:54 PM, Terry Judd <tsj at> wrote:

> I want to set a title field in a custom browser object I¹ve created but I¹m
> having a few problems. I can set it by querying  and parsing the browser¹s
> htmltext  in a browserDocumentComplete handler but this waits until the
> entire document has loaded (images and all), which means that it often lags
> WELL behind what is displayed in the browser. I¹ve also tried using a
> browserNavigateComplete handler (I use this to set the url field) coupled
> with a send in time message to a handler that gets the htmltext but it
> seems
> (at least on OSX) that the browser prevents this message from firing until
> the user moves the mouse out of the browser object.
> Surely someone has dealt with this issue already. Any ideas?
> Terry...
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