[ANN] The final release of Data Grid Helper is available

zryip theSlug zryip.theslug at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 12:24:56 EDT 2010

Dear LiveCode users,

I am pleased to announce the availability of the final version of our
plugin for the LiveCode's datagrid object: the Data Grid Helper

After several month of development, debugging and improvements, the
final release of Data Grid Helper (DGH) is finally here.

1) What is DGH?

DGH is a plugin for LiveCode. This plugin helps to make the life
easiest when you have to manage the LiveCode's datagrid object.

DGH helps:

- managing the properties of a datagrid in a few clicks and no code.
- managing the template of a datagrid in DGH's alternative way to edit
a template.
- writing the code necessary to the controls in a template. The
behavior script of a template can be populated automatically by the
DGH's script builder.
- linking a datagrid to a default column behavior and a default header
behavior with the DGH's behavior picker.
- installing ready to use scripts with the DGH's script installer.

2) Where I can found a documentation?

A quick start guide is available here:


A documentation is also available in the plugin itself.

3) Have you a trial version?

Yes we have a trial version. You can download it here:


You can use the trial version for free during 30 days. However, in the
trial version some features are disabled and the number of columns you
can add with DGH is limited to 4. All those limitations are removed
when you purchase and register DGH.

4) What is the deal if I purchase DGH?

DGH contains a lot of features. However the final release not signify
the end of this project. We have a lot of others features or ready to
use scripts to add in DGH.

All those improvements will come in future and regular updates. By
purchasing DGH you will help the author to improve DGH and you will
receive all the future updates of DGH.

Plus we have other projects in head. So by purchasing DGH you will
also help the author to bring to life new tools with the same quality
than DGH.

The full article concerning DGH in the Slug's website is here:

I would like to thank a lot all the closed and opened beta testers of
the DGH plugin.

-Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)

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