Livecode suffix is a pain

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Fri Oct 8 11:07:33 EDT 2010

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

With LiveCode, new stacks are created with the
.livecode suffix, and this screws up several of my
utility programs which create paths which assume
a .rev suffix.

Of course, when I save a new stack, I can always
replace the livecode suffix with .rev, and this
seems to cause no problems. But then I have to
remember each time I create a new stack to make
that modification.

Question 1 : Do "livecode" suffixed stacks differ
from ".rev" suffixed stacks ?

Question 2 : Can I automatically have the .rev
suffix used when creating a livecode stack ?
(Can't find anything in "Preferences" !)

Question 3 : Why was that change made in the suffix ?

I see that when saving stacks, we have the possibility
of creating a "legacy stack".

What difference does this make to the stack ?

Having a new product name is all very jolly, and
certainly affects very few Rev users, but for me
it's a pain.


P.S. If the name "LiveCode" is so important, how
come that we don't have a "" ?
(I see it already exists, but belongs to "DOTSTER INC")

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