Datagrid option menu initialisation

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Thanks Trevor, that works great.  Follow up question for you.  I have  
a datagrid table with two option menu columns in it.  It's OK to  
initialise the first one per your reply but the contents of the second  
one need to be set differently depending on the currently selected  
value in the first option menu.  Any recommendations as to how to do  

Pete Haworth

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>> I have defined an option menu in a datagrid column whose contents are
>> created by reading data from an SQLite database - the contents will  
>> be the
>> same for each instance of the option menu and should be loaded when  
>> the card
>> containing the datagrid is opened.  Where should I put the code to  
>> create
>> the option menu contents?
> In the card that contains the data grid :-)
> In the preopencard or openCard message query the database, update  
> the menu
> button text in the data grid template and then load the data grid.  
> Since the
> template has the updated menu text all instances of your column will  
> contain
> the updated menu text.
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