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Ken Ray kray at
Sun Oct 3 13:30:24 EDT 2010


> I'd like to add a button to an existing background group, but RR/LC is
> telling me if I do that I am going to loose the background with that group
> on it from all previous cards. And it does.

I think you're confusing "ungrouping" with "editing a group". You get this
warning if you try to ungroup a group that is shared among multiple cards,
but you can do what you want by:

1) Select the group you want to add the button to with the pointer tool.

2) Click "Edit Group" on the toolbar (NOT "Ungroup"). This will go "into"
the group, and anything outside of that group will be temporarily hidden.

3) Add your button to the card like normal.

4) Click the "Edit Group" button again on the toolbar to get "out" of the
group. You'll see the rest of the card objects show up at that time.

This will add the button to any cards that have the group you edited on it
(i.e. all the previous cards).


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