Storing an Array as a Custom Property

Claudi Cornaz claudi.c at
Sat Oct 2 10:22:35 EDT 2010

There is another one theat works
put "richard" into tProp

put the gasking[tprop] of tObj

Apparantly the set name by itself can't be a var, altough the prop  
name can.
So either put the whole thing in a var (set name en property name) or  
you can only use the property part as a var.


On 2 okt 2010, at 15:18, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Claudi Cornaz wrote:
>> It works if you create it as one var so put "gaskin[richard]" into
>> tPropSet
>> set the tPropset of tObj to tValue
>> Or you can do
>> on mouseUp
>>      put "gaskin" into tPropset
>>      put "[richard]" after tPropSet
>>      set the tPropSet of tObj to tValue
>> end mouseUp
>> I use this the whole time
> Nice!
> It hadn't occurred to me to put the entire array notation string  
> into a variable.  And it avoids the performance penalty of "do" --  
> good stuff.  Thanks!
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