[ANN]Live livecode code event the first is done

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Nov 30 10:32:47 EST 2010

Björnke von Gierke wrote:

 > Hear hear
 > There be links, 400 MB's of video and downloads of stacks here:
 > http://www.bjoernke.com/?target=livecode_tv
 > Thank you to everybody who attended, and especially to those who
 > actively asked questions in the chat. It was a blast, and there's
 > three different SQL query builder gui stacks, as well as my very
 > basic IRC idea as a result. Of course they're all horribly
 > unfinished and/or outdated, but still useful if you're into one
 > of these things.
 > Unfortunately Glen didn't want me to mail the ribbon to him, a
 > wholeheartedly public shaming in his direction!
 > Future, similar events are in preparation. If you want to stream
 > yourself as part of this show, or just have an idea for a topic
 > that I should do, don't hesitate to contact me on- or off-list.

That was a fun event, Björnke, though I was sad not to have one the 
ribbon, such a coveted prize!   Thanks for putting that together.

For the future, given all the newcomers to LC perhaps you might consider 
a basic "Getting Started" session for the next one, a little orientation 
to get folks going.

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