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Mon Nov 29 23:19:23 EST 2010

--- On Mon, 11/29/10, Marty Knapp <martyknapp at> wrote:
> I want to make a tool palette very
> similar to the LC tool palette, that I can drag a button off
> of and have it create on a stack. So I copied revtools.rev
> to the desktop and changed its name there and tried to open
> it, but of course LC wants to know what to do with the
> existing tool palette. I did try closing that before opening
> my copy but got the same message. I want to take a peek at
> the scripting to learn how to make my own - what should I
> do, or does someone have another idea for me?
> Thank you for any responses,
> Marty Knapp

Hi Marty,

There's the physical filename of a stack (on disk) and the logical name of the stack (a property) - when you rename a .rev or .livecode file, its internal name remains. Which means that opening the copy inside the LiveCode IDE will pop up a warning.
While you could use the MetaCard IDE to take apart revtools.rev, wouldn't it be simpler to dissect it inside the LiveCode IDE itself? Turn on 'LiveCode UI elements in lists' from the 'View' menu, open the Application browser, hunt down the RevTools stack, and take a peek at its innards.

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