Nine digit zip codes.

Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Sat Nov 27 18:47:43 EST 2010

The key section of the reply
    [ url   ] is

<td headers="full" height="34" valign="top" class="main"  
style="background:url(images/table_gray.gif); padding:5px 10px;">

		9876 W CHARLESTON BLVD APT 2555<br />

		LAS VEGAS NV  89117-7061
		<br />
       <td style="background:url(images/table_gray.gif);"> </td>
and here is the code I would use to parse for the zip
(keeping it simple)
on parseZipExample
    -- I copied the source window, so
    put the clipboarddata into htmlPage --
    replace " " with cr in htmlPage
    filter htmlPage with "?????-????"
    filter htmlPage without "*--*"
    filter htmlPage without empty
    ;put htmlPage  --into msgbox
end parseZipExample

Modify to suit your program.

On Nov 27, 2010, at 3:22 PM, James Hurley wrote:

> Richard,
> Thanks. I am astonished that this is possible.
> I'm afraid I am missing something. I tried entering my data (my home  
> address--it appears that is what you did) in the USPS page
> I then copied and pasted that source code into field 1 in LiveCode.  
> (I didn't see any reference to my data--my address--in that html  
> text.)
> I used your script in a button and obtained some html text in field  
> 2. But there is no reference in field 2 to my street address.
> I don't mind working on the parsing to do the put and get, but I'm  
> sure I missing the ingredient where my data (address, city and St)  
> goes into field 1. I think that is what I am missing.
> I don't see "visited=1&pagenumber=0 etc. anywhere in field 1 or 2.
> Floundering,
> Jim

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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