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> 3)
>> In a third example, I make commercial software, which needs to have MySQL
>> installed. My customers can use my commercial software, for which they do
>> need to buy a license, in combination with the MySQL database engine, for
>> which they don't need to pay. Because the MySQL engine is not embedded in my
>> commercial software and I don't redistribute MySQL together with my software,
>> I don't need a commercial license for MySQL and neither do my customers.
> I believe in FAQs of mySQL exactly this example was pointed as MUST to be
> paid  by any side (developer or his client)
> EVEN Applications that use only **mySQL Client** -- was told to be paid.
> May be Oracle have relax requirements...

I have found that page.


> When your application is not licensed under either the GPL-compatible Free
> Software License as defined by the Free Software Foundation or approved by
> OSI, and you intend to or you may distribute MySQL software, you must first
> obtain a commercial license to the MySQL product.

> Typical examples of MySQL distribution include:
> Selling software that includes MySQL to customers who install the software on
> their own machines.
> Selling software that requires customers to install MySQL themselves on their
> own machines.


> If you include one or more of the MySQL drivers in your non-GPL application
> (so that your application can run with MySQL), you need a commercial license
> for the driver(s) in question. The MySQL drivers currently include an ODBC
> driver, a JDBC driver and the C language library.

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