Using SQLite as a multi-user database?

Fredrik Andersson fredrik at
Tue Nov 23 10:42:12 EST 2010

Thanks for the suggestions, I wouldn't have though of that! Unfortunately I don't think I could run any kind of serverlike program on our network. 

I'm actually contemplating using some kind of lock-file that is created whenever someone is writing to the database (or perhaps I'll even use some plain text files for simplicity) and deleted when the writing is finished. Then the client simply checks for the existence of a lock file before trying to write. There will only be a handful of people writing and possibly a couple of hundred people reading so it might work, even if it's not very elegant. Anyway, I'll start by doing the tests that Trevor suggested and continue from there.

Thanks again,


23 nov 2010 kl. 15.15 skrev Andre Garzia:

> Fredrik,
> Instead of risking problems by having concurrent queries to a single SQLite
> database, why don't you build a middleware?
> From your email, I understood that the problem is that you can't install a
> server such as MySQL because the IT dept will be shouting. So why don't you
> use LiveCode to build a little self contained server which talks to SQLite,
> then all the clients would talk to this same server, this way, there's no
> concurrent access since everything passes thru the server.
> If you're on LAN then it would be überquick to get the data around and you
> would not have to face multi user access to a single file resource (this is
> always troublesome).
> Andre
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