J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Nov 18 14:41:09 EST 2010

On 11/18/10 12:59 PM, Kenji Kojima wrote:
> Thanks Jacqueline,
> I removed  "~/Documents/My LiveCode/Plugins/revMobilePlugin.rev" and LiveCode 4.5.1.app.
> Installed "LiveCode 4.5.1.app" again.
> And restart  my computer, but it did not work.
> I removed all of LiveCode files I could find. But I am still having the same problem.
> Even if removed every files and reinstalled a fresh LiveCode, there are old info of menu item "Open Recent Files...".
> I think I need to remove all of LiveCode files like uninstaller does, and install a real fresh LiveCode.

I don't think any of the other files will affect the script editor, but 
you can try removing your preferences file and the other files in here:


That is where the recent files are stored. When you re-install, use the 
installer. I don't think it is enough to just drag the app into the 
Applications folder.

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