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Thu Nov 18 13:59:21 EST 2010

Thanks Jacqueline,

I removed  "~/Documents/My LiveCode/Plugins/revMobilePlugin.rev" and LiveCode 4.5.1.app.
Installed "LiveCode 4.5.1.app" again. 
And restart  my computer, but it did not work. 

I removed all of LiveCode files I could find. But I am still having the same problem. 
Even if removed every files and reinstalled a fresh LiveCode, there are old info of menu item "Open Recent Files...". 

I think I need to remove all of LiveCode files like uninstaller does, and install a real fresh LiveCode.

Kenji Kojima / 小島健治

On Nov 18, 2010, at 01:05 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 11/18/10 11:06 AM, Kenji Kojima wrote:
>> Hi Jacqueline,
>> Thanks your advise.
>>> If you are on Mac, just drag the app to the trash.
>> I tried but It did not work.
>> I think I need to remove somewhere hidden files on my Mac. Probably they were broken.
> Oh, okay. You could see if you have any plugins that conflict. If you are using the old Revolution folder, look in:
> ~/Documents/My Revolution <edition>/Plugins
> or in here for the new LiveCode folder:
> ~/Documents/LiveCode/Plugins/
> Move or rename the Plugins folder and restart LiveCode. See if that fixes it. The script editor is inside the LC app bundle, so if you replaced that already then the app isn't the problem.
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