Why Does this Behavior Fail?

Web Admin Himalayan Academy katir at hindu.org
Wed Nov 17 20:07:10 EST 2010

  On 11/17/10 2:51 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> I have a stack that does that, but it doesn't use behaviors. I just 
> put this into the card:
> on mouseEnter
>   put the cTip of the target into tTip
>   if tTip <> "" then
>     set the htmltext of fld "helptext" to tTip
>   end if
>   pass mouseEnter
> end mouseEnter
> on mouseLeave
>   put "" into fld "helptext" -- or hide the fld
>   pass mouseLeave
> end mouseLeave
> Only those objects that have a cTip property will do anything. I just 
> add help text to anything that needs it. I don't think I'd use 
> "mouseWithin", it will trigger repeatedly. 

I love it... simple is better "who needs behaviors if you don't need 
behaviors" (hehe, though I still would like to know why it did not work...)

Right... mousewithin... i had my field blink 35 times at one point... 
I'll use this... only thing was I was putting all the tips in custom 
props for hte card rather than in individual controls. But I like your 
way too. Makes the object portable.


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