AW: corrupted rev file transforming from Win to Mac

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Nov 16 03:17:27 EST 2010

Seeing no comments on my topic, helps me to believe that I experienced a
really seldom problem, which I hopefully won't encounter twice.
Actually I even don't know what was really going on with my file. The
explanations where just a theory, which I can't reproduce.


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> Betreff: corrupted rev file transforming from Win to Mac
> Hi,
> perhaps this is for interest in case someone makes similar experiences.
> I
> don't know, what is going on behind the scenes, when rev files are
> copied
> between Mac and Windows platforms, but there must be something going on
> like
> "codepage converting" and this can led to corruption under unknown
> circumstances.
> The first thing was that I found one day corrupted german Umlaute in
> some
> scripts, when I opened my rev file on Mac, coming from a Win 2003
> Server.
> The corrupted Umlaute  broke the execution of some handlers, because
> there
> where not only Umlaute in comments, but they had also Umlaute in their
> names. I ignored it, corrected the handler names to names without
> Umlaute
> and didn't cared any more.
> In the last month I had two more strange problems, which were hard to
> dig
> down. First was a thing, that suddenly from now to then my Valentina DB
> App
> couldn't work anymore with german Umlaute any more - only on Mac. After
> long
> investigating the Valentina guys found a bug fix for it. The second was
> last
> weeks post that the effective filename returned  backslashes instead of
> slashes from now to then in one special stack. I thought it was
> dependent on
> LiveCode 4.5.1.
> In both cases it seems to show that originally it had nothing to do
> with
> Valentina (though the patch worked good) or LiveCode, but of  my
> special Rev
> file (though in the case of Valentina it could be reproduced with other
> files). Looking back I think that both theses problems showed up in the
> same
> rev files. Because of a other new bug last week I digged out an old
> version
> of my rev files and yes, none of my odd bugs showed up in this old
> file.
> Without knowing, what is the background behind the scenes, I assume,
> that
> apparently there must be some possibility of corruption of rev files.
> If the
> reason is indeed the transformations between the platforms I don't
> know. If
> there are other chances to corrupt a rev file, I don't know.
> Nevertheless I
> will take my old and clean rev file and reengineer the last features by
> hand
> into the old file and dump my last three current (and corrupted)
> versions of
> my rev file. And in future, when experiencing an unusual bug from now
> to
> then, which nobody else has ever seen, I will first go back to my
> latest
> file and dump the current file because of "corruption".
> This is not a nice procedure and up to now I thought Rev files would
> "never"
> go corrupted, but I can deal with it, because I have worked for with
> Toolbook, where file corruption was a daily event over years and years
> and
> frequent, hourly backups where life saving.
> Thanks
> Tiemo
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