Bring window to front on desktop

FlexibleLearning admin at
Sun Nov 14 07:18:46 EST 2010

Anyone solved how to bring a stack window to the top on the desktop after a
file dragDrop?

1. drop files
2. bring stack window to top on desktop (ie. in front of the OS source drag
3. show a modal answer dlog
4. carry on

What happens is that the source OS window can obscure the modal answer dlog
so it looks as if the program has hung. Actually there is a window waiting
to be clicked!

Tried these before showing the modal:
- Focus on/ go/ etc do not change the overall window layering.
- Set the style to modeless, but the window runs through its openstack
routine even with 'lock messages', and is still not layered on top anyway.
- Temporarily setting the systemWindow of the stack to true works, but it
then obscures the modal so user is locked out.

I have looked in the archives for a Mac/Win solution and didn't find
anything, except that others have had a problem also.

MSWord does it, so it must be do-able (perhaps an external would be needed
for LiveCode?).

Hugh Senior

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