Getting the weekday name

Dick Kriesel dick.kriesel at
Sat Nov 13 17:42:05 EST 2010

On 11/13/10 1:44 PM, "Peter Haworth" <pete at> wrote:

> I'm using the datetimetoJulian function in Sarah's great datetime
> stack as part of a way to get the alpha weekday name.  The words in
> Sarah's stack say that it's possible to get the day number of the week
> by taking the remainder of dividing the Julian days by 7 but when I do
> that, I consistently get a day number that is 2 less than it should be
> - that's assuming of course that day 1 would be Sunday.
> I can always just add 2 to the day number but wondering if anyone
> knows why this would happen?
> Pete Haworth

Hi, Pete.  Might your task be easier using "dateItems" as this example does?

function dayOfWeek tDate
   convert tDate to dateItems
   return item last item of tDate of \
end dayOfWeek

-- Dick

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