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Peter Haworth pete at
Sat Nov 13 12:41:21 EST 2010

I agree it wasn't a surprise, but sometimes the reality of things  
doesn't match expectations (there's no mention of the banner staying  
on the screen for 10 seconds).  At this point, I have no plans to  
offer my application for commercial use but I  ought to be able to run  
a standalone on my own computer without the banner appearing, or at  
least not for 10 seconds, every time I start the app.  Running my own  
app on my own computer is not "commercial use", unless I charge myself  
for the app ( I don;t think I can afford it though!).

This whole commercial use thing is fraught with loopholes I think.   
For example, let's say I develop some killer utility code in the  
personal version that is generically useful for lots of LiveCode  
developers and I sell it in the form of a stack file.  The developers  
pay me money, incorporate the code into their apps, build a standalone  
in a Livecode version that allows commercial distribution, and sell it  
on to their customers.  Am I breaking my license agreement?

Personally, I think there should still be a license key that ties  
LiveCode Personal to a specific computer, both the IDE and any  
standalones built with it.  Then my standalones won't display the  
message when they run on my computer but they will on any other.

I'm pretty much going back to 4.0 for now, at least to build  
standalones.  I don't have a use for the new features on 4.5 and using  
4.0 allows me to build standalones that don't bug me.  Of course at  
some point, I won;t be able to continue doing that as more  
enhancements are incorporated into LiveCode, but for now it works fine  
for me.

In the generals scheme of things, this isn't a big deal, LiveCode is  
still a great way to develop applications, it's just that licensing  
methods have always been a pet peeve of mine.

Pete Haworth

On Nov 13, 2010, at 8:14 AM, Malte Brill wrote:

> Even though I can understand splash screens feel annoying, I can not  
> see this as a surprise, as this is clearly stated on the  
> homepage:
> "Applications created with this license will include a splash screen  
> or watermark. The Server Deployment Pack comes with a limit on the  
> number of connections with this license type."
> As that edition is much cheaper than previous studio licenses I can  
> understand RRs decision in adding this. I don´t know about Director  
> nowadays, but when I had to decide if it is RR or Director back in  
> the day, each Projector built displayed a "Made with Macromedia"  
> dialogue that could not be dismissed.
> It is worth noting, that the commercial packs do not have this Banner.
> Just my 2 € cents worth.
> Cheers,
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