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Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sat Nov 13 02:49:03 EST 2010

On 11/13/2010 06:52 AM, Peter Haworth wrote:
> I opted to go for the personal version of LiveCode when the name 
> change happened.  I understand that I can't distribute apps with this 
> version but I personally find it objectionable that I have to endure 
> the banner announcing that for 10 seconds every time I start a 
> standalone app

Nothing like something to insult your intelligence to make your stomach 
churn . . .  :(

> - I'm running a legally licensed copy of the program on my own 
> computer.  If it's not running on my computer, fine, tell me all about 
> it and find a licensing scheme that deals with that  but let me run my 
> licensed copy without bugging me please.
> Pete Haworth

I don't know whether you have noticed an odd tendency that has developed 
over the last 200
years or so . . .

. . . the tendency for people to sell you something, but at the same 
time try to limit what you
can do with that something once you have bought it.

If I want to keep chickens in my new Toyota Auris nobody is going to 
tell me I cannot; and,
similarly, I believe that when you BUY something, IT is YOURS, not 
something that really
still belongs to the person who sold it to you and then continues to 
control your actions
from a distance.

THIS is what turned Richard Stallman into a raving fanatic.

One of the reasons I really don't want to live in Great Britain any more 
is that the lists of
DON'TS gets bigger and bigger. I had a friend who always wore a seatbelt 
in his car, until the day the
government made them compulsory, at which point he removed all his 
seatbelts with a knife;
as he said at the time "Ah'll no jump in an outa ma skin fae you Sudron 

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