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Wed Nov 10 03:22:25 EST 2010

Good !

Le 10 nov. 2010 à 08:58, Scott Rossi a écrit :

> Recently, Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
>> Instead of the b/w cursor "busy", I'd love to use the more colorful beachball.
>> Anyone know how that is accomplished?
> I thought this would be a fun graphics challenge and created a demo stack
> that shows two methods of creating an OS X wait cursor (otherwise known as
> "spinning beachball", "pizza of death", "pinwheel of death", etc).  The
> first option is a windowShape hack which is quite smooth looking (here) and
> could work in any recent version of LiveCode.  The second option uses the
> enhanced cursor property only found in LiveCode 4.5 and later.  As explained
> in the demo stack, it appears that repeatedly setting a cursor to the ID of
> an image results in a cursor that flashes -- seems like something that needs
> to be fixed/cached at the engine level.  Option 1 has its drawbacks as well
> (see the stack info).
> Anyway, the stack might be useful in other areas, and you can get it by
> executing the following in your Rev message box (note the following is not a
> Web link, watch line wrap):
> go url 
> ""
> (Not tested in Windows because Windows has its own objects-of-death.)
> Regards,
> Scott Rossi
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> Tactile Media, UX Design
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