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Ken Ray kray at
Wed Nov 3 14:56:43 EDT 2010

> I agree it would be great to be able to say
>     set the payAttentionToTrailingDelimiters to true
> But in the meantime you can use the fact that doubling a trailing
> delimiter will be ignored.
> repeat for each line L in tData
>     if the last item of (L & the itemDel) is empty then
>        -- deal with an empty one
>     else
>        -- use "the last item of L" which is not empty
>     end if 

Thanks, Alex... that's something I do when I need to, but it seems like more
of a workaround to me, which is why I'd rather have some kind of global
setting I could turn on when I needed it.

In some ways it's like like "the wholematches"... I don't believe we had
that in HyperCard, so if you were trying to see if a "whole" something
matched, you had to do slap the delimiters in front of and after everything,

  -- imagine field 1 has a CR-delimited list of different kinds of fruit
  if offset((cr & pears & cr),(cr & tFruit & cr)) <> 0 then...

It's so much easier to say:

  set the wholeMatches to true
  if lineOffset("pear",tFruit) <> 0 then...

Maybe we should call it the "wholeChunks" ?

  set the wholeChunks to true
  put item -1 of "Ken,Ray,"
  ==> returns ""



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