Stack dimension for mobile application

paolo mazza mazzapaoloitaly at
Tue Nov 2 04:26:27 EDT 2010

Thank you Terry.
You are right,  so the stack size for the 3 devices will be:

iPhone 4  is  920 x 640

iPhone3 - iPod Touch is 460 x 320

iPad is  1004 x 768

This is if you have a portrait application.
What happen if you turn the device to the landscape orientation?
I guess you have to resize the stack/application to

iPhone 4  is   960 x 600

iPhone3 - iPod Touch is 480 x 300

iPad is 1024 x 748

Am I right?

So, if I have to deploy an application for the 3 devices, I need to set 6
different sizes of the stack. Right?

I guess we need a  "geometry manager" taking care of this automatically
would be great!

All the best to all the rev developers.



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