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Pierre Sahores psahores at free.fr
Mon Nov 1 08:15:31 EDT 2010

Hello All,

While i develop all my stuff under OSX and deploy mainly on Linux or OSX, i have to deploy some kind of AI 24/7 calculation solutions under Win7 because, as anyone knows, the most usefull feature of win is that it runs twice faster as POSIX systems (no ixinetd,... services management, etc...).

At this point, those Win7 calculators are mainly protected by a Linux-based DSL router's firewall, Windows Defender and the GPL ClamWin AntiVirus (both always up to date). Is that a correct way to go or do i need to rely on a more advanced security plan/solution ?




Le 1 nov. 2010 à 10:41, Chipp Walters a écrit :

> Peter,
> AVG does regular scans of my drives. Furthermore, I every now and then
> do spyware checks and I do a lot of high end rendering, which needs
> about 99% of my processor, so I'm fairly familiar with the services
> and apps I run. I have a network monitor gauge on my desktop which
> let's me know what's going out and coming in.
> So, I guess if there is malware on my machine, it's never caused me
> any problems, as it doesn't seem to consume processor cycles or
> network bandwidth, and I have never seen any identity theft. And
> seeing how I make my living on my Windows machine, and have since
> around 1994 (before that it was a Mac), I would find it very
> debilitating to have to take it off the network because I was scared
> of malware.
> But, if anyone is very concerned of such attacks, than by all means
> unplug it from the network. And NEVER plug a USB drive into it. And
> it's always a good idea to unplug it from the wall during a storm--
> while you stand under a doorway or curl up fetal-like in the tub--
> just to be super safe.
> On Monday, November 1, 2010, Peter Alcibiades
> <palcibiades-first at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> Chipp, not saying you are wrong, but how would you know?  That's the thing
>> that got me, and why I think Alejandro's thought of taking Windows offline
>> is quite sensible.  The problem with windows getting compromised is I am not
>> sure you necessarily know when its happened.
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