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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Mon May 31 07:31:28 EDT 2010

I agree, Peter. IMHO this doesn't apply to Linux only. I'm mainly a  
Mac user and have found the RunRev IDE to become increasingly  
unstable. It should be unnecessary to buy an add-on just to be able to  
edit scripts (the current script editor is highly unreliable). All  
features in the documentation should work as advertised or the  
documentation should make clear that there are problems with specific  

If the people at RunRev want us to pay for an (early) update pack (or  
for a subscription to future updates) they will have to make a  
credible statement about future improvements in basic functionality.   
I don't think that RunRev is ready to make such a statement now. Maybe  
in a few years.

A roadmap could be nice, but I don't think it helps much. Such a  
reoadmap just generates false expectations. I know from experience  
that software like RunRev is ready when it works, not when the  
deadline has passed. I believe we can only wait until we can get our  
hands on the finished product and test it.

Btw. I have no problem with discussing actual (On-)Rev-based third- 
party products on this list. It is much more interesting than mere  
advertisements for third-party products and lengthy discussions of SDK  
license conditions of indirectly related companies ;-)

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 31 mei 2010, at 11:33, Peter Alcibiades wrote:

> The user, given this, has a very simple choice to make at renewal  
> time:
> does he or she keep on being treated like this, or does he or she  
> move to
> Python?
> My own answer is, if I don't get some sensible roadmap for this  
> thing, I am
> not renewing.  As much out of a sense of indignation at how we are  
> being
> treated, as anything else.  It doesn't have to be instant catchup, it
> probably cannot be.  It does not have to be instant porting of all  
> add ons,
> it probably cannot be.  But there has to be some acknowledgment of  
> what is
> going on, and some published plan to fix it.
> Rev is entering dangerous territory here.  It is basically  
> destroying its
> credibility as a provider of a Linux development environment.  So
> effectively, its betting its future on one view of the Linux  
> market.  Could
> work out, but its dangerous.  Risk is not what has happened, after  
> the fact.
> Risk is what could happen before it.

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