Printing Assistance

Graham Pearson gspearson at
Sun May 30 08:54:06 EDT 2010


Due to our budget cuts in our industry that we have had for the past 2 
years and looks to continue for the next few years, I have been learning 
RunRev to enhance my skill set and have been creating applications for 
use in K-12 Education. My question is what are some ways I can print a 
DataGrid that has been populated from a Web Service I provide with my 
Online Resource on School Delays and Closings. I have been slowly moving 
all of my Flex/Flash Applications over to RunRev.

I have been searching google for related information and just have not 
found the right resource. I have even tried the trial of Quantium 
Reports and could not rap my head around the concept since I learn from 

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