Survey Caution

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sat May 29 09:35:48 EDT 2010

  On 29/05/2010 16:02, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Joe F. wrote:
> > I'm in the middle of taking this new survey when I realized that 1
> > is "most important" and 5 "least important"
> That's exactly backwards from every survey I've ever seen.
> Hint:  5 is greater than 1. ;)
> I wonder how many other results are as invalid as mine were because of 
> that unusual scale....
Yes; I fell over that one about half way through; so half of my stuff is 
completely the wrong way

I suppose because the whole thing is cack-handed, and many people will 
be caught out
by it all the results will actually have no value.

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