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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri May 28 17:25:50 EDT 2010

Marty Knapp wrote:
> Let's say a user creates a stack from one of my templates, then later in 
> the Finder, changes its name. Now there's a discrepancy between the 
> short name and the long name. Is that a problem or does Rev understand 
> this? Or should I construct a routine to parse the file name out and set 
> the name to correct for this?

It shouldn't matter. Stack and file names are rarely the same, mostly 
because Rev's default is to add a ".rev" extension to the file name and 
most people never change that. If you know either one, you can refer to 
the stack by either. In general, the short name is easier. When your 
user's stack opens you can grab its short name if you need to, and put 
it into a variable for future use.

If you need to get the file name, ask for "the filename of this stack" 
or "the filename of stack shortNameVariable" to retrieve it. But Rev 
keeps that stuff straight for you, and the short name is generally all 
you need for most things.

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