Happy Geek Pride Day (OT)

Jeff Reynolds jeff at siphonophore.com
Wed May 26 02:07:31 EDT 2010


my bag always has my bright orange towel (bought while traveling in  
japan in 1984 and still in use) that i keep there in honor of douglas  
adams, to wipe the sweat off my face, goo off the computer and keep  
the universe in balance while im traveling...

42 my man, 42...



On May 25, 2010, at 4:15 PM, use-revolution-request at lists.runrev.com  

> But there's more to 25 May than that: Douglas Adams passed away on 11
> May 2001, and 25 May (a fortnight after) was declared Towel Day in his
> honor. There's a petition about for Google to recognize Towel Day next
> year, the 10th anniversary of Adams' death. I'm looking forward to
> search results returned in Vogon:
> http://www.daryl.mu/2010/05/21/petition-google-to-recognise-towel-day/

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