Implementing a library of behavior buttons across multiple applications

Peter Haworth pete at
Tue May 25 19:28:04 EDT 2010

Thanks Richard.  So the SB pulls in ALL the stack files defined to it  
int the application and I don;t have to send any of them out with the  
app, right?

Pete Haworth

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On May 25, 2010, at 1:15 PM, use-revolution-request at  

> Two different things:
> The "Stacks" pane in the SB is used for copying separate stack files
> into the file that will become the standalone.
> The stackfiles property of a stack is a list which allows the engine  
> to
> easily locate stacks which aren't in the stackfile so that you can  
> still
> refer to them by just their short name in your scripts.
> For example, if you have a stack named "Behaviors" in a stack file  
> named
> "Behaviors.rev" in a folder named "Components" which is in the same
> folder as your stack file or standalone, you can set the stackfile's
> property of your stack to:
>   Behaviors,Components/Behaviors.rev
> ...and the engine will then know exactly where to find the stack
> whenever your scripts refer to a stack named "Behaviors".

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