[OT] Emsisoft

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun May 23 10:21:22 EDT 2010

  On 23/05/2010 15:10, Douglas wrote:
> By default OpenOffice is set to not allow macro execution - perhaps 
> someone in the staff specifically went round and enabled it?

You don't know these people! They keep downloading the Windows version 
of Skype onto
Linux machines "because it is better than the Linux version" and then 
throwing tantrums
because Windows programs don't work on Linux; "What is wrong with these 
everybody knows that computers cannot run without Windows".

Enabling Macros . . .

Having installed Linux on a 'new' machine I left it to do an apt-get 
update overnight;
telling the people not to touch the machine.

The next day I had to start installing from scratch, because, being 
unable to turn the
machine off (despite post-it notes and so on saying "DON'T") they had 
yanked the power
cable out the back!!!!

This IS Bulgaria; or, as an American friend once put it; "I love 
Bulgaria, it allows me to
experience the same sort of thrills my ancestors experienced in Texas in 
the middle of the
19th century." Have you seen that film "Wild Wild West"; a sort of 
steam-punk America
through distorting glasses? The problem about "Wild Wild East" is that 
one is unable to
remove the distorting glasses.


I have the perfect plan for the virus problem these people are 
experiencing: take all
their computers to the gypsy quarter where they will be scavenged for 
metals . . .  :)

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