revLet: dynamic resizing when browser window resizes

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sat May 22 14:04:01 EDT 2010

Hi David,

David Bovill-4 wrote:
> Hi fellow coders, just figured out the way
> to fix this visual glitch.
> Essentially you can't use the geometry
> manager at this stage - you need to
> use a "resizeStack" handler and code
> it yourself.
> Interestingly the following geometry
> seems to work:
>> the screenrect: 0,0,1440,900
>> the rect of this card: 0,0,868,504
>> the rect of this stack: 274,212,1142,716

Many thanks for posting this information! :-)

I have been thinking about how to solve
the desconfiguration of screen interfaces
when users rezise stacks, or in this case
resizes the webpage.

This problem is especially notorious when
stacks have multiple cards.

Recreating and/or resizing all the elements
of the card interface in a preopencard
handler could position and resize correctly
most controls.

This solution requires to describe all widths,
heights and location of controls as proportions
of card dimensions using (like html) percents.

Have you created such handlers to manage
proportionally position and dimensions of
controls in a card?

Thanks in advance!


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