Jim Bufalini jim at
Fri May 21 10:39:26 EDT 2010


> You've probably already done this, but to be safe may I ask if you
> first
> set the passkey of the stack to the current password before attempting
> to change the password itself?
> I've encountered a few issues with the change to the more-secure method
> of password protection used in v4.0, but IIRC what you describe here
> should work as long as you have access to change the password, provided
> by first setting the passkey.

No I didn't and of course that's the answer, otherwise you could just take a
password protected stack and set its password to empty without knowing the
password. ;-) 

What was throwing me off is the lock symbol still appeared in the
Application Browser. So you have to set the passkey. Set the password to
empty. Save the stack and then Refresh the Application Browser. Thanks

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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