player object and https URL

Martin Koob mkoob at
Tue May 18 14:14:13 EDT 2010

J. Landman Gay <jacque at ...> writes:


> I know almost nothing about it so I probably shouldn't say anything, but 
> don't you need some kind of certificate to access https pages?

I am just hacking around here but I tried this

 I created a 'certificates' folder 

Then I opened my website in Safari then clicked on the lock to 
show the certificates

Then I dragged three certificates that are sown into that folder 
which created two .cer files and one .crt file in the folder

then I used the 'set  the sslcertificates' command to set the path to
 that folder

That did not work

Then I opened the site in firefox and then exported the certificates
into the certificates folder.

This still did not work.

Again not sure what I am doing here so if there is an obvious error 
or flaw in the approach let me know.

I also tried

libUrlSetSSLVerification false

This did not solve the problem either.

I am trying this on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and I noticed from searching
other posts that the was a problem with SSL on the mac.

Is this still true?

I have also noticed inconsistent behavior with setting the filename
of the image object to an https url.   Originally it worked.   Since
I have been trying the other commands to solve the player object
issue the image on the https site does not always load.  However
if I use

 libUrlSetSSLVerification false

the image will load.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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