Cloud computing: scalable DB

Mark Stuart mstuart at
Tue May 18 11:29:48 EDT 2010

on Tue May 18 06:23:14 CDT 2010, David Bovill wrote: 
I'm looking into an application which needs a highly scalable back end

David, have you checked out Microsoft's Azure "cloud" services?

Here's some info I copied from that page:

SQL Azure Database Features
Relational Database Management Services (RDBMS)
 - Creating, accessing and manipulating tables, views, indexes, roles,
stored procedures, triggers, and functions
 - Execute complex queries and joins across multiple tables
 - Insert, Update, and Delete
 - Constraints
 - Transactions
 - Temp tables
 - Basic functions (aggregates, math, string, date/time)
 - A subset of the existing SQL Server built-in stored procedures and
system views
 - Support for tracking billable metrics in real time and for historical

 - Managed ADO.NET data access
 - Native ODBC ***
 - Support for PHP

 - Deployment Support for running SQL configuration scripts via SQLCMD
 - Provision Logical Servers and Databases through the SQL Azure
Database account portal

There's a Get Started Now link near the left/top side of the page.

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